Vampire Knight - Juicebox {The Strokes}


Vampire Knight - Juicebox {The Strokes}

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Audio (Intro): Men in Tights from the movie "Robin Hood: Men in Tights"
Main Audio: Juicebox - The Strokes
Anime: Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty

Story: Zero's past concerning Shizuka, the vampire who destroyed his family, is now destroying his heart, figuratively. Furthermore, the love triangle between himself, Yuuki, and Kaname doesn't seem to be helping either...It makes him even more outraged; in the end, he's unable to control his anger and lets it loose upon his twin brother, Ichiru. :'(


Everybody sees me,
But it's not that easy,
Standing in the light field,
Standing in the light field.
Waiting for some action,
Waiting for some action
Oh but why won't you come over here?

Why won't you come over here?
We've got a city to love.
Why won't you come over here?
We've got a city to love.

Old time grudges
Will die so slowly
I know you miss the
way I saw you.

You're cold,
You're so cold,
You're so cold,
You're so cold.

Nobody could see me,

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